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A Dolphy brand hand dryer provides a breath of fresh air for any workplace.

Suitable for both low and high traffic areas, our excellent range of Australian-produced hand dryers include automatic hand dryers, manual hand dryers, airblade jet hand dryers and European-style hand dryers, made from highly durable ABS plastic and rust-proof stainless steel to endure everyday wear and tear. They are also enabled with multiple protection measures to prevent overheating and timeout.

Low on noise and designed for longer-lasting performance, our hand dryers provide a high-velocity stream of 100% clean air, reaching speeds of up to 90 m/s and with drying times of up to 15-18 seconds, offering all-round coverage to eliminate water droplets. An automatic sensor also helps to stop the spread of germs and bacteria.

A Dolphy brand hand dryer is a great eco-friendly alternative to tissues and paper towels. They use 80% less energy than a traditional hand dryer and, because of their low heat usage, leave a much smaller carbon footprint, while also protecting workers from harsh toxins like dioxin (which is used to produce paper towels).

Our hand dryers are easy to mount, with glossy, compact designs that can complement any type of workplace décor.

With up to 5 years' warranty on certain models, we offer some of the most competitive prices on the market for our hand dryers, ensuring that every workplace in Australia has the chance to be safe and clean.

Are you a builder or designer currently undertaking a new project? Are you a reseller or distributor looking for high quality hygiene products?
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